SCORPION TRAILER was established in 2009. It was established in this period when construction and excavation works were very intense, with the aim of performing the service and maintenance works of the superstructure vehicles of the construction and excavation companies, especially logistics companies. For this purpose, it has started to provide quality service to the sector by employing trained personnel on an area of 500 square meters.

In line with the '' Full Customer Satisfaction '' policy of the company, its movement was supported by its customers and new product demands began to increase in addition to service. The company, which evaluates these demands, started to invest in the manufacture of trailers in 2017.

With own capital and its white-blue collar personnel, which has grown over an area of ​​5000 meters, of which 2000 meters are closed it started to production ofLowbedSemi-Trailer, Trailer and Dump trailer and all of the products in its production have been certificated. Initially, it continued to meet customer needs with an annual production capacity of 180 units.

As a result of the demands coming from abroad and the market researches carried out by the company in 2019, our company continues its activities in Konya Organized Industrial Zone with an annual production capacity of 360 Lowbed Semi Trailer, trailer and Dump Trailers on a closed area of 8,000 meters and an open area of 12,000 meters.


As Scorpion Trailer, we want to increase customer satisfaction, create a new and stable structure, at the same time, to be the first choice of customers with our business types, solutions and high work ethic, and to maximize customer satisfaction by providing professional and quality service.

We want to have a voice in the national and international arena with the aim of growing and increasing exports at the level of 30% every year. We are working to become a reliable and leading company in the name of institutionality by researching, innovating, doing their job best and quality, trying to give competitive and best prices andcreating a portfolio of happy customers.

As Scorpion Trailer, we want to spread our brand identity worldwide by improving and renewing ourselves with the "Stronger, More Dynamic and More Advanced" policy, which comes first to mind when it comes to trailers. We aim to establish dealerships all over the world, mainly in Europe, and grow even more.


Our company, which has the production capacity and product variety that can meet all the requirement of our customers who need a trailer, currently continues its activities in the 4th Organized Industrial Zone. As Scorpion Trailer, we manufactureLowbed Semi-Trailer in the first instance, Trailer and Dump Trailer. We export our products to European countries, North Africa and Balkan countries.

As Scorpion Trailer, we managed to become a preferred brand in European countries. Domestic sales continue to develop with our increasing deliveries. In terms of sustainable development of our company, we direct our productions by taking into account the customer requests and needs and our R&D studies. In this direction, we always aim for better quality.

As Scorpion Trailer, we stand by our customers after product delivery. We provide service and spare parts services and ensure the trust of our customers. We continue our innovation efforts to create a portfolio of happy employees, happy suppliers and happy customers with our young and dynamic staff.


In line with the changing and developing customer expectations, we also improve ourselves and keep customer satisfaction at the forefront by offering the best quality to the most affordable cost. With the slogan of “Quality and Competitive Prices”, we continue our activities in the sector with the aim of being the company whose name is sought in the products and equipment you will need in today's competitive market.



Loading System

We produce our trailers with BPW, SAF or BPW type Turkish axles.

Suspension System

We use bogie suspension, leaf springs and air springs for our semi-trailers.

Brake Sysytem

We use the Wabco or Knorr Bremse EBS brake system for our semi trailers.

Body Structure

Strong and durable steel body, Hardox, Raex etc.


+90 332 251 26 33


+90 555 864 35 14


+90 332 251 26 33


+90 555 864 35 14